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Hearthside Collection

With the Hearthside Collection, we hope to inspire feelings of comfort and serenity in a home filled with soothing neutrals, calming earth tones, and desert botanicals.

The home textile collection features hand-drawn and hand-painted designs, inspired by the natural elements and grand beauty of the American Southwest.

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  • Calming Neutral Tones

    Desert hues anchored with calming shades of sand, stucco and beige.

  • Soothing Shades of Green

    A palette taking its queue from botanicals of the west: from the mighty saguaro, to desert palms, and sprawling pines.

  • Earthy Terracotta & Clay

    Create a cozy space grounded in warm earth tones of brown, terracotta and clay.

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Retreat to Nature's Neutrals

Shades of Desert Aloe and Palm

Launching March 2022